Ninja Gaiden II 2 Dark Sword of Chaos Nintendo NES V-SEAM NEW Near Mint VGA 80+

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Ninja Gaiden II 2 Dark Sword of Chaos (NES).  This game is BRAND NEW, FACTORY SEALED and VGA GRADED 80+!  It is factory sealed with the V-seam in back and is in near-mint condition!  This game is incredibly RARE to find sealed and this is the first time a VGA graded copy has been listed on ebay so collectors this is the one you have been waiting for!  The serial # of this item is 72233787  and can be looked up on the vggrader.com website as each VGA item has a unique number.  For those who don't know, VGA (Video Game Authority) is a well-respected authenticator and grader of factory sealed video games.  A grade of 80+ is a great grade and represents a near-mint specimen - a SILVER LEVEL grade.  From the vggrader.com website:

Silver Level
The VGA Silver level consists of the grades 85, 80+, 80, 75+ and 75. Items which receive grades within this level range from having small flaws to having relatively significant flaws. Silver level grades represent a much larger range of condition than Gold level grades. The highest grade within this level, an 85, could most often be described as being near case fresh, with the lowest grade within this level, a 75, being somewhat shelf worn but still relatively nice. As a general rule, an item which receives the grade of 85 is a fantastic display piece and can often be right on the edge of Gold level condition. The term 'case fresh' is certainly justifiable, as the average item pulled from a sealed case would grade an 85 due to small flaws which occur when items are packaged or shipped from the factory. An item which receives the grade of 80 represents a nice example with minor to moderate flaws apparent upon close inspection. As a generalization, the average item which has spent time on a store shelf being moved around prior to purchase, but has otherwise been handled with relative care over the years may score an 80. The lowest Silver level grade is a 75 which represents an item with significant flaws which are much more evident than flaws visible on items which receive higher Silver level grades. An item which receives the grade of 75 will most often have significant wear, a fairly significant tear in the shrink-wrap, or other moderate to significant wear, but should be free of major flaws which would immediately draw the eye to them at first glance.
For most high grade collectors, an 85 will be satisfactory. For most discriminating collectors, an 80 will be satisfactory. A 75 will most often be satisfactory to those who are not overly concerned with stresses, shrink-wrap tears, and other flaws which do not likely jump out at first glance like the flaws displayed by Bronze level items.

If you have never before owned a VGA game they are true museum pieces.  They are encased in tamper-proof acrylic cases and will be shipped in their original baggies as pictured, which protect the cases from scratches.  If you want the ultimate way to own a certain sealed game and be certain it is a legitimate factory sealed item, you cannot go wrong with high-graded VGA games! 

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