Super Castlevania IV (Super Nintendo SNES) NEW SEALED V-SEAM, MINT GOLD VGA 85+

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The item you are bidding on is Super Castlevania IV (Super Nintendo).  This game is BRAND NEW, FACTORY SEALED and VGA GRADED 85+!  The serial # of this item is 79827670 and can be looked up on the vggrader.com website as each VGA item has a unique number.  For those who don't know, VGA (Video Game Authority) is a well-respected authenticator and grader of factory sealed video games.  A grade of 85+ is an excellent grade and represents a mint specimen - a GOLD LEVEL grade.  From the vggrader.com website:

Gold Level
The VGA Gold level consists of the grades 100, 95+, 95, 90+, 90, and 85+. When an items condition warrants classification within this level, the smallest of flaws are judged and taken into account to determine the exact grade received. The select few items which receive these grades are among the highest quality in existence. A very small percentage of items submitted to VGA receive a Gold level grade. An items flaws must be very minor, subtle, and can often be difficult to identify with the naked eye. A collector who is extremely condition sensitive should be satisfied with the condition of a Gold level item in the vast majority of instances.

If you have never before owned a VGA game they are true museum pieces.  They are encased in tamper-proof acrylic cases and will be shipped in their original baggies as pictured, which protect the cases from scratches.  If you want the ultimate way to own a certain sealed game and be certain it is a legitimate factory sealed item, you cannot go wrong with high-graded VGA games!  There are many reseals floating around on ebay these days so you need to be sure what you are getting is authentic.  I will be auctioning off many of my VGA pieces this week, all of which are fantastic, rare games with high grades. 

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